When readiness criteria for Tier 3 implementation have been established, a Tier 3 team should be formed and comprised of the following:

  • Administrator

  • Team member(s)s with behavioral expertise

  • Team member(s) with academic expertise

  • A crossover member who will serve on both the Tier 2 and Tier 3 teams

Rationale:  Tier 3 cannot be implemented with fidelity or efficiency without a system of team-based problem solving and data-based decision making.  An administrator must be an active participant on the team; the administrator has the knowledge of all aspects of the school and the authority to make decisions.  The team member with behavioral expertise will provide valuable knowledge and skills while expertise is developed among all members.  Knowledge of the curriculum and instructional strategies are beneficial when developing behavior intervention plans and will be provided by the team member with academic expertise.  The crossover member will ensure accurate and timely communication between the Tier 2 and Tier 3 teams.  District level support and communication is vital for the durability of the Tier 3 system.  If all Tier 3 members cannot attend trainings, the team should select a core group to attend trainings.  That core group should include an administrator, a team member with behavioral expertise, and a member with academic expertise.