November Monthly Spotlight: Geeter K-8 School!

With a fully virtual schooling model, several schools across the country have had to rethink many details of how they operate. Geeter K-8 School in Shelby County is working hard to ensure that even though school is virtual, they are facilitating a safe, predictable, and positive environment where students know what is expected of them. Moreover, they are using fun and creative methods reinforce their school-wide expectations by to regularly acknowledging students for meeting them.

This year, Geeter is using LiveSchool to track their acknowledgement system. Geeter students are able to spend their LiveSchool earnings at the Dragon Store on Geeter Prime Days, which occur quarterly during virtual schooling. About every two weeks, students are also recognized through Pop-Up Celebrations. The Pop-Up Celebration was created to give the students an opportunity to get an exclusive invitation to shop in the Dragon Store before Geeter Prime Days. However, the students are not aware when the POP-UP will occur, hence the motto: Always show your Geeter P.R.I.D.E, because you never know when we will POP-Up! 

Only one student per grade is recognized in each Pop-Up Celebration. The selection criteria is aligned to the school-wide expectations and chosen by the RTI²-B Team in the monthly meeting. Usually, the team chooses a behavior that they would like to see improved. For example, the next Pop-up Celebration is next week, and the criteria chosen is “Screen On”.  Using LiveSchool data, the team was able to pinpoint the top students per grade who received the most points for having their screen on during instruction. The teachers are made aware of the day of the celebration to prepare for our interruption, but the winners are kept anonymous until the principal and the RTI²-B Coach Pop-Up into the student’s virtual classroom playing a celebration song. Then, they explain to the students that they are in the class to celebrate a certain student and why that student was chosen. In addition to this recognition, the student also receives an extra 50 Dragon bucks to spend at the Dragon Store. The student is allowed to explain why they think they were chosen. The rest of the class is then encouraged that they too can earn the privilege by following the school-wide expectations. They are reminded that they must follow all expectations because the criteria will change each time. This also ensures that different students are celebrated each time. After the student is announced, he or she is pulled into a separate teams meeting and asked to have a parent/guardian come to the screen. The principal and RTI²-B coach explain to the parent/guardian what their student is being celebrated for and how to receive their prize. Geeter also sends a recognition email to the family of the recognized students (see an example email in the gallery below).

Now, the Dragon Store is virtual. The students are given a link to access the Dragon Store Catalog and an order form. Families have the option to pick up the items or to have them mailed to their home address. Shipping costs are possible due to donations the principal obtained from community partners. 

Great work, Geeter! Thank you for sharing your ideas with our region!

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